Where the Journey begins

Is life a journey or is it an event? The Boston Celtics just won their 17th NBA championship on Tuesday. I couldn't help it but realize how "event" driven we are today as I contemplated the anticipation of seeing a winner and a looser. Thus, every game in the series has its meaning in the context of a series, playoffs and particularly the entire season. Without these components each individual game will loose its meaning, value and particularly its ultimate goal...championship!

Life is a journey, where everyday must be seen and filtered through the lenses of our "championship". Now, here is where the beauty of life actually begins. Championship in God's plan and agenda is won through serving one another. Heaven? mmm...I personally see heaven as the recognition of winning the championship in this journey. Christ modeled and exemplified the meaning of life, the meaning of the journey through leadership...by giving away all of his power for the sake of others, for you and I.


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