Making Your Children Mind

I'm the first one to admit that parenting is one of my favorite subjects and experiences in life, thus one of the greatest challenges for which I constantly found myself crying out to the God who created the family for his help. Tonight, we looked at chapter three from Dr. Kevin Leman's book: Making Children Mind without Losing Yours. Our family group conversation was healthy and very edifying, wish you were there. I'm inviting you to consider the words of Dr. Leman and the opportunity to join one of our family groups this week. I promise you won't be disappointed.
When it comes to discipline at home, Dr. Leman's invites his readers to use what he calls "Reality Discipline."
The challenge that we all faced on chapter three was the fact that children's reality, most of the time, is different from our reality as adults. The goal of the chapter was for every parent to sail for the task to discover, through God's help, what "Reality" is in the eye of the beholder (our kids). Ultimately, he suggested that every time "Reality Discipline" is used, our children need to know how to "LEARN" & "THINK."

I couldn't agree more with Dr. Leman when I see around us a generation that hasn't learned to think on its own. We are so eager to imitate and simply repeat the "successes" of others and even failures for that matter. Greed has blind us to the point that we constantly forget to thank God for what we have, as we constantly focus on what others have. Our uniqueness has even been violated in the name of God through empty practices called Religion. When a relationship with the living God actually re-discovers the humanity within us. The ability to dream and passionately live life to the fullest. I'd love to see you joining one of our meetings as we continue the challenge and calling to parent together.

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