Weekend Services

Wow, it's Wednesday and I cannot get over our powerful weekend experiences throughout both of our services. I am still in awe as I try to digest everything that went on. With a packed house, people made clear, wholehearted decisions for Christ as we searched together for a different approach to "storms." We began our time of worship and celebration interceding from our very hearts for the lives of those in Houston and Galveston. One of our recent college graduates, Gema Berlanga, is a current medical student in Galveston. She still remains in Brownsville due to the fact that school and most things are still shut down.

I challenged people to re-consider their personal perspective of storms in life. Regardless when you get hit by one, the worst thing can happened is not the actual encounter of storms but instead spending your life on earth trying to avoid them. You and I cannot measure our lives and future on things we have no control over, since storms are unpredictable and unavoidable for the most part. The question then came...do you avoid sin or do you pursue holiness? Is your goal to avoid hell at the end of your Journey or do you want heaven on earth because of your influence in the kingdom of the King?

The question still remains, what do you do when you find yourself in the middle of one and the consequence, pain, hurt and even regrets are as real as the wind that blows through a category 3 hurricane? Where is Jesus when you feel you can't go on? Is it true that God does not give you more than you can handle? I think not. I'm more than convinced that God DOES give you more than you can handle at times. Do not box God by drawing your own conclusions of what you see and feel when you face the storm. My prayer today is that we take the time, particularly before the storm shows up, to re-discover (through a relationship) God's reality of storms. Otherwise you will be driven by temporary events instead of eternal values.



Jesus Carrillo said…
Bueno, el asunto es que no tiene fundamento Biblico. Seria mucho de mas provecho que usaras versos biblicos bien articulados conforme a su contexto, claro.

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