Money is one of the most tangible ways to experience our trust and relationship with our invisible God. Through our new conversation series, "What God says About Money and Possessions." All we want to emphasize is the importance to consider God's view to a topic and area we must recognize that our methods on the subject aren't working. From gas prices, mortgage companies and even our entire economy; we cannot deny our current financial pressure as a result of trusting our own understanding when it comes to money. We cannot use the same tools nor methods that created our current problems to fix such the problems.

The question now remains: What does God say about our current finances, resources and possessions? During our first conversation on Sunday, Nov. 9, we discovered through Matthew 25:1-12 that we are called to "CREATE." The essence of our being cries out to create the new future that resides within us.

It is our current culture and views that tell us that we don't have to create, but instead, when it comes to money is all about spending and accumulating. As a nation, we have arrived to the pinnacle of narcissism thus it must change today. Consumerism and self gratification through our finances has created our deterioration to the point that we are drawing on our own self destructive views and patterns. The challenge, from the Gospel of Matthew, for all of us was to "stay awake and be prepared" through "discipline" and "foresight." Join the conversation


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