After the dead of his oldest son, Benjamin (Mel Gibson), in his spectacular, one of a kind movie The Patriot, finds the crossroads that most of us are encountering today. He must decide whether he remains mourning the death of his second child as a result of warfare and quit the journey he created or join the movement of freedom which will produce, in its time, the birth of the nation many of us have learned to love.
Benjamin must decide to either focus on what is irreversible and unchangeable or to focus on the future that resides within him.

Do you ever struggle with that kind of decision? I know I do. Actually, I do it all the time. I'm convinced that one of the main reasons of our constant focus on what can't be changed is because we are afraid to create a future that may require our personal transformation.

Unless you see and discover your potential you will always go back to focus on what can't be changed. That is comfort zone, that's the logical thing to do. Maybe it is because that kind of focus does not require faith, risk and passion. During our second conversation last Sunday, I challenged you to focus on the future that resides within you. To discover your POTENTIAL. If you haven't watch our conversation, please join us today and let us know your thoughts on how do you perceive your POTENTIAL.


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