I'm still under the influence of the presence of God after this past weekend at Antioch Community Church Planting Conference in Waco, Texas. http://antiochcc.ccbchurch.com/app/ One of the major highlights for me throughout this conference was the fact that my beautiful bride joined me during this trip. It was beyond expectation to join a group of leaders from across the nation and the world to pray at 6:30 am at Antioch's prayer room. You have to experienced it, I don't have words to explain it.

I've been in the American church long enough to know and study many churches, movements and conferences. I've spent more than enough years in the classroom as a student and teacher. I have to tell you that this weekend was beyond anything else I've experienced. I wish I could just sit down with you and share what God has erupted within our marriage and lives. Life will never be the same.


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