Early childhood memories bring enless converstaions between us as children and many of my uncles, aunts and many more to mind. I grew up in a big family environment with many of them traveling from far away just to spend Christmas together. But the climax of those unforgettable days were our conversations, our laughs, jokes, arguments (after everyone was drunk) and even our silent moments.

When I think about it, Christmas was about conversations. Without those conversation I don't think Christmas was meaningless or at least less productive and fulfilling. Sadly, my immdiate family has forsaken those conversations and the relationships among them (us) are broken today. I'm more than convinced that Christmas cannot be fully experience in issolation. I know everyone of my family members will celebrate Christmas this coming week. I'm not sure their Christmas is fullfilled nor complete.

Christmas is all about a conversation started by God with His people. God became man with the purpose to be understood who He is and was. Yet, we kept on forsaking His voice.


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