Technology has become one of the most tangible ways to experience the love of God. It was in 1992 on a day like today that the world wide web was born. Obviously, nothing will ever be the same again. Yet, our hunger and desire to connect with one another is undeniably growing and expanding. That's where technology come and reaffirms God's plan and design in humanity.
Have you seen the explosive growth in facebook? It is amazing. It blows my mind how many people enjoy connections among friends, family and even the thrive to know new contacts. Facebook is nothing else than the finger print of God. When re-discover our ability to see life holisticly we will recognize and see God in everything around us. The question now becomes, how can we, as facebook members, utilize every opportunity to maximize and bless what God has already blessed around us? The millions of people connected to one another in facebook are currently and presently blessed by the God of technology. I will invite you to find ways to bless them also by moving from "elevator relationships" (superficial) to deeper, heart to heart, life on life relationships.


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