The Journey

I'm still in awe from experiencing God in corporate worship last night. From Johnny Diaz, to 10th Avenue North and finally...the moment came during the night to see (again, in a long time) my favorite, MercyMe!!!

I couldn't help it but go back in time to my mid-90's college years at ETBU, and my early years of spiritual leadership at the local church level. Those are the years where my encounter with MercyMe and many other experiences took place. Yep, 15 years ago God was shapping, without me knowing, the future He alone invited me to create. Today, I enjoyed the imperfection of a real and genuine life full of challenges and overwhelming beautiful experiences besides the One we Worshipped last night...more than 4000 people at the Mercedes Life Stock Show Arena. It was off the hook!!!!!

Sitting there besides my kids: Saraí, Becky and Josué and specially my beautiful bride, Areli; and just experiencing God's presence, through worship, in the middle of a time in history where I'm called to live out every single principle He has written in my heart throughout my journey in life. Like never before, I'm faced with a present that seems so uncertain and a future that only God knows how is it gonna end. Yet, that's what makes it so freaking exciting. I can't deny the fact that my heart craves moments like these. I love life!!!!

God has taken me today to the book of Acts and the biography of a hero of our early movement called the Church of Jesus!!! His name is Stephen. His boldness and aggressivenes to narrate the Journey of imperfect warriors who in the midst of chaos and even sin; they all had 2 things in common: Imperfection and the ability to go back to the heart of God. Acts 7 begins by introducing individuals such as: Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Moses, Joshua and Solomon.

Imperfection is what links me to these men, my prayer to the God who Stephen saw the moment he died, is that I may be known today as the one who returns back to the heart of God.


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