An Abnormal Birth

The Journey has recently been bombarded with new babies. Unavoidably, Christmas always makes a connection with new born kids since Jesus' birth and arrival to this world defines Christmas, even after 2000 years.

Would it be possible that Christmas has become more of a "tradition," "doctrine," and even a "celebration" instead of a tangible-life transforming experience in our world? I don't believe people oppose such transformation (people hunger this transformation, we just don't know how to articulate it most of the time due to hurt, pain, suffering, pride and especially sin), we just settle for what is favorable to our culture-time-generation. Our cultural ADD lenses allow distractions and as a result we gradually or radically keep on forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

Would it be possible that Jesus arrival is unbreakably connected to his departure from the same world He came to redeemed? The writer Paul, in 1 Corinthians 15:8 calls himself..."an abnormally born apostle." Trying to convince his audience that he is a real "apostle," although born into the "family" way after every other apostle. And particularly recognizing his previous leadership of killing and detouring the Unstoppable Force called "The Church."

What is it that even though Paul was "an abnormal born," still he defends, in the same chapter, with his very own life Jesus resurrection from the death? Maybe the reason lays on the fact that Jesus was not a tradition (Paul really knew about traditions), a mystical myth nor a doctrine. But instead, Jesus became a tangible encounter where Paul saw the resurrected Jesus face to face.

As we begin this beautiful time of celebration, let our personal encounter with the Risen Christ be the goal of everything that takes place within the next 20 days.


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