Some thoughts after an amazing Sunday:

1. God's presence continues to dominate during our Sunday gatherings. People are constantly seeking God's face during our worship time. Hearts are teacheable and ready to be changed as we gather.

2. Spiritual warefare is real and tangible as The Journey moves forward. Needless to say, this is a great motivation to grow in dependance and trust in the God who has called us.

3. I love leadership, but I love leaders even more. God has blessed The Journey with amazing gifts and talent, the best is yet to come.

4. Speaking at FBC Pharr last night was so encouraging and uplifting, praying over the lives of those who are called to serve and challenging them to choose wisely on the "mark" they, unavoidably, will leave long after they'll be gone.

5. Teaching music lessons has been enjoyable - especially since I haven't taught music in a while. I love teaching...but I love music even more.

6. "Church is for Lovers" series was a great success. Lots of awarness and spiritual conversations ignited through our 3-part series. It will be soon available on DVD. I always love partnering with Abel Ortega and Ron Smith.

7. Easter celebration is coming's going to be a great time to rejoice on the God of the Empty Tomb.

8. Gearing up to go back to 1 Peter Series "Live Beyond." Love doing series together with my blood-brother, Air Force Chaplain, James Armstrong.

9. I'm so ready to spend the afternoon with Saraí, Rebecca & Josué. Areli will be at a Journey ladies gathering. We'll play ball in the backyard.

10. Met great first time visitors yesterday @ The Journey. We only believe in divine appointments. God brings these people, time to walk them through The Journey.

11. I will be teaching piano lessons to Sarai, Becky and Josué today.

12. I will be 38 years old in November. God is constantly pointing me towards "legacy" in life-leadership. I read today, Numbers 27:16-17


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