Still thinking about the weekend

Weekend thoughts and reflections:

1. God used The Journey, this weekend, to remind me what He loves the most. It truly is all about people. Sometimes I wish I could work things around without dealing with people, yet if every time I see God's manifestation, unavoidably people are at the core of God's agenda. I love people.

2. Ron Stevens brought to The Journey a much needed -spiritual uplift- with a message and personal testimony that made everyone, on Sunday, realize "God's love is reachable."

3. Ron's story of 5 federal sentences in 3 different states has literally brought a lot of hope to my heart, as God has brought to our Spiritual community a number of people with law enforcement issues. Prayers are constantly answered as we see children, wives and former inmates crying out to the God of second opportunities. My heart's desire is for Ron's powerful story to become the outcome of all our Journey families who need a divine intervention during court appointments in the near future.

4. During their second visit on Sunday to our Journey gathering, a brand new couple approached me and said: "Even though we just met you, why is it that every Sunday you've spoken on topics my husband and I have discussed throughout the week?" "How do you know what we talked about?" Truly humbled me to think that God's message is being perceived RELEVANT @ The Journey. God is always relevant, but His message is not always perceived relevant. My prayer and heart's desire is to speak with the boldness of Scripture, accepting everyone without approving what everyone does!

5. Reading through the book of Joshua has reminded me to be a leader under authority instead of a leader with authority.

6. It seems that every Sunday God brings a different family to our home, either after church or Sunday night. Either way, we truly love doing life in community. Besides the fact that hospitality is a gift from God, not to practice it but to be blessed by every single one who steps through our front door; I can tangibly see how Sarai, Rebecca and Josué are learning to live in community. We strive every day to show and model what Scripture commands us to do.

7. After hosting a simple coffee and Pan de Dulce Friday night with a guest family from Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon (Mex) for 2 1/2 hrs at home. I was reminded of my roots and context of life and ministry when I was growing up. The father of the family (wife and three beautiful kids) kept of talking about the depth of his commitment to his local church that I assumed from the beginning of the conversation that he was the pastor. To my surprised, he is "only" the Church Van driver for the church. Within me, there was a cry of desperation and one of the deepest prayers lifted up before God-in silence: "God, forgive me when I see men and women with this level of commitment to you (through the local church) and I get surprised." This should be the norm!

8. The Journey is gathering at different occasions throughout this week and next to simply pray before God for our Easter Celebration. God is about to do things never seen before in our midst.

9. The Journey is facing major physical (illness) issues among families and love-ones. This weekend God reminded me to expect great and mighty things from Him, as we continue to pray, pray and pray!

10. I posted on twitter last week, that without Areli - The Journey would not exist. As time goes by, new challenges are born - I could not even imagine what would I do "in life" without Areli. I'm more than grateful for the privilege to protect her, serve her and especially to love her. I love to love my wife!!!

11. Michoacan trip was a major win for The Journey. We will share this weekend what God did throughout this week. Stay tune.

12. We're celebrating Easter at Casa Hogar Benito Juarez @ Reynosa. Looking forward to share the power of the Resurrection with kids, parent, staff and the community!

13. Six cities - Six gatherings!


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