The Unresolved Tension of Sundays in my life!!!

1. Woke up about an hour ago from a "forced" 5 1/2 hour nap. For the first time, after 20 years of preaching-teaching, I barely finished my second sermon today. I felt pretty sick, still don't know what happened. I feel much better now, after nap time and medication. Thus God blew me away (as usual) after seeing visitor's cards and their responses!!

2. Journey's prayer team gathers every Sunday morning @ 9:30 am to pray over me - gatherings - corporate worship and everything that involves our worship services. Today was a very special time as we lifted up very special needs among our community. I feel renewed every single time they pray over me.

3. Transitions - Junior High gathering (during our Spanish service) excites me beyond comprehension. The growth on our Junior High ministry is exploding - Sundays and Wednesdays.

4. Even with 20 years of Music ministry in my system, The Journey Band continues to amaze me every Sunday and today was no exception. They've become the frame of the beautiful picture Journey is gradually becoming. I'm more than privileged and excited to have my Journey Band on stage every Sunday morning! I love those guys.

5. I, unapologetically, feel that I preached one of my boldest sermons in 20 years. I was shocked of the things God placed in my heart as I spoke twice today. I'm so eager to watch/critique video sermon, as I do every week. I'm also eager to get my team to watch and share insights on it. Peter made me do it (1 Peter 2:4-10).

6. Easter promotion began today. People made a couple of comments to me about it and what we feel God is planning and preparing us to encounter on April 4th. I don't fully know what God is about to do...but I will warn's gonna be HUGE!!!

7. I have to secretly confess the joy I feel and experience when I see my kids NOT becoming the stereotypical "CPK" Church Planter Kids. How do I measure that? I see and tangibly contemplate their passion for Jesus out of their deepest of desires. I do not see duty to follow their Master, I see delight. Not that CPK don't love Jesus. I've been in the "business" long enough to know better. My kids love Jesus, even if Areli and I change vocation!!

8. I'm expecting a great week - probably with more challenges that I honestly desire, still I wouldn't do anything else with my life than what God has invited me to join today! I love to live.


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