The weekend after Easter

Some reflections and thoughts after the Weekend after Easter:

1. We're the most "holiday" driven culture in the planet. We are so prompt to celebrate and enjoy every major holiday. It almost feels like if dear-life depends on our chronological calender. Our entire Valley is literally transformed during holidays. Today's focus, in my heart and mind, was to challenged our Journey community to express and manifest the eternal result of last week's celebration (Jesus' perfect sacrifice and victory over death).

2. I'm a pretty passionate guy in life and for life. I strive to see life holistically versus departmentally. Whether is present, past or future, I truly give myself to either stage in life. Saturday was my home-town church anniversary. This is the place where the foundation and pillars of life where built. I celebrated and proudly reflected on what God did in my life. Just the privilege to be born in a generation with many great leaders and servants who made me and shaped my life for eternity. Thank you Jesus for your local church @ Mante!!!

3. I feel I communicated one of the boldest messages in my short Journey as a communicator. I'm so very driven by "authority-submission" I love anything the Scriptures presents as "ironic-counter/culture and even insane" in the eyes of our beloved world. 1 Peter 2:14-17 was such an awesome passage to dig in and extract God's timeless and relevant principles for our culture and age. I love the Bible.

4. Two membership classes in 2 days. New families were born into the Journey community. Far away from knowing what birth-pains are, yet I can tell you it is a privileged to see brand new believers discover the goodness of God through community, ministry, love and passion. We literally are transforming our community - one family at a time! Some people still called me priest today - after class :-)

5. Worship was off the hook today. My Journey band only gets better every Sunday. Danilo Montero song, "Bendito Jesus" was truly instrumental to get me pomp to get on stage and give my all today. Thank you Stephanie and band!!!!

6. Diversity is one of The Journey's synonyms in our community. We're a pretty diverse church. It brings me joy, since we live in such a diverse generation. I love to look across our church every Sunday and see the faces and hearts of people with totally opposite backgrounds. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be a part of the Journey.

7. I'm so excited about Monday night. We, as a family, are going to see The Vipers play a play-off basket-ball game @ 7 pm....I'm gonna try to get some sleep promises!!!!

8. Wednesday is our opening night for The Summit, Journey's Discipleship Training School. The Journey is about to change forever. Life will never be the same. Monday and Tuesday will be extremely intense, as we pray and fast to see God simply do His will as we disciple one another on a life-on-life context.

9. I've promised Josue, with Edgar's skills and leadership, to build a tree house in our backyard. I'm not a builder at all. I'm just glad Edgar is going to make me look good. I love my son very much. At the end of the day, I want to be known as his father.


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