In the Midst of the Fog

I love preaching. Even though I'm miles away from becoming the communicator I need to be, an overwhelming satisfaction/eagerness to improve takes over my soul every Sunday night. I'm just privileged to walk the Journey of life with my tribe @ The Journey. Privileged to speak on God's behalf on a daily basis through preaching/teaching, personal conversations, txt, emails and every other opportunity this world provides. Thank you Jesus for an awesome time at The Journey this morning and evening.

I helped leading worship during our first service. I'm surrounded with very talented musicians and gifted worshipers. They make me sound a lot better than what I really am. Worship at The Journey is one of the best in church world and it only gets better. Thank you Jesus for The Journey Band. We sang one of my old-time favorites "Falling at your feet" by Among Thorns!

"God never promised to change circumstance for you, He only promised to be your protector in the midst of the fog - thus change you in the process." 1 Peter 3:13-22 was the Scripture reference for today's talk. I experienced people's hearts grasping and embracing such a powerful promise-even though it goes against culture and even religious minds. My prayer for today's experience was not so people can learn to experience God in the midst of the fog (difficulties) but to become-throughout this week-a prophetic voice among their peers, co-workers, home and environments. The church must be catalysts of God's Kingdom every day.

I'm so eager to experience a new week and the last half of this month. Exciting things are coming our way, fill with challenges and a bright future. Uncertainty excites me every single time. Love drives my heart through relationships and risks nurture my spirit and gets me closer to the Father. I can't wait to our corporal celebration next Sunday.

Friday night will go as a powerful night of celebration, anticipation and God's deliverance @ The Journey. Radical circumstances require radical commitment to God and his people. The Journey is facing unbelievable challenges today. People are in the verge of major cross-roads, eternal decisions are being made and we must seek God's face with all our might. A time of celebration and consecration will take place on Friday from 9 PM - Midnight. God is about to do something never seen before in our midst!!!

I'm praying for Mrs. Petra Ochoa with eagerness and urgency. The celebration of life and endurance, her faithfulness to God and her family inspires my life today. I pray for her children and family members as well as her husband. God is about to do something beyond comprehension. This week is going to be crazy and wild.

My kids put a smile on my face every single end of the school year. They make me a very proud dad but even better, they make me a very proud husband. Areli works so very hard on their education, she makes things happen. I'm blessed to be her husband. I love you sweetheart!


nacker said…
Among Thorns played a song called, "Embrace this Place." One of my all time favorites.
Vidal N. Muñiz said…
Dude, anything from Among Thorns...powerful. "Embrace this Place"...classic!

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