Sunday Thoughts / Pensamientos del Domingo

Reflecting on an amazing Sunday:

1. I cannot, literally, get over Sunday worship experience. It was intense, violent and radical. God is doing something dangerous in our midst. We are finally getting in the game with God. Our faith community is awakening to a new era. Church has become a different experience. Lives are being transformed. Jesus is ALIVE.

2. Very few things excite me more than the Easter season. Although we are still 2 months away from it, our brand new 7 week series - "The Passion" - began yesterday with our first conversation "Counterfeit" People are responding to the gospel of salvation as the message of Faith-Hope and Love is presented over the next 2 months. Each week I will be introducing a "word" or "sentence" of Jesus' last 7 words on the cross. Love to see you guys join!

3. Have I mentioned how amazing is our worship week-in and week-out? Lord, have mercy-it is off the hook!!! God has blessed our community with an amazing group of worshippers who give out their lives before the presence of God. Seriously, if you haven't experienced worship with us, you really need to make it happen this Sunday!

4. I'm on my 3rd week of "The Pentateuch" for Wayland Baptist University class. I'm in love with teaching that I can't resist any invitations to teach from Seminaries and Universities. I'm so privileged to speak in 3 different cities and 3 different sites to 87 Pastors, church leaders and business leaders every week. Please pray for me, as the beautiful story and narratives of the Hebrew people unfold in front of our generation and transforms the hearts of many through community and learning.

5. Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be a very special day. I will be speaking @ STYLN - (South Texas Youth Leaders Network) I will be conversing on the topic of HOW TO AVOID BURN OUT! I'm basically sharing my story...and telling them "Don't do what I did" :-) I will be challenging 60+ youth pastors and leaders from all across the valley on the issue of "Vision" - Please, pray for me...that I would make much of Jesus!

6. Areli and I will be having lunch with Saraí-my 7th grader-on Wednesday @ noon. I'm looking forward to converse and love on my first-born. I love to be Areli's husband and privileged to be Saraí, Becky and Josué dad!



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