After 14 years of marriage

1. Marriage isn't about marrying the right person, but doing the right thing.
2. Areli can't complete me, only Christ can complete me.
3. Marriage isn't about feelings but building a life together.
4. There aren't soulmmates in life. My wife is my soulmmate!
5. Marriage will make you or break you in life.
6. You marry her family.
7. The purpose of marriage is ONENESS - God either sees both of us or He sees neither one of us.
8. As long as I consider divorce as an option, Areli and I won't make it.
9. We've made a commitment to NEVER use the word Divorce in our marriage, no matter what!
10. Marriage is a covenant - not a contract!
11. I will have an affair with Areli, constantly :-)
12. The best gift I can give to Sarai, Rebecca & Josue is a healthy marriage.
13. Having God #1, Areli #2 and Kids #3 - doesn't mean I'm negleting my children.
14. I'm committed to fall in love with Areli over and over again!
15. I want to grow old with Areli
16. Calling and ministry are a lot easier to carry and fulfill when Areli is your wife!
17. At age 38, nothing compares in life to wake up besides Areli every morning!
18. I treat Areli the way I pray Josue will treat his wife, one day.
19. Areli allows me to treat her the way Sarai & Becky will, one DISTANT day, allow their husbands to treat them.
20. If I can do it all over again, I will choose Areli every time.


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