Sunday thoughts after a long weekend...

As I get ready to watch my "Sunday night" movie with Areli in our favorite couch, I just want to share some thoughts and heart felt desires...

1. I love church! I cannot say it enough. I'm so privileged to preach, teach and speak into the lives of people throughout the week in classroom environements. But church goes beyond comprehension. I enjoy every single moment in the life of our church, even those challenging and difficult stages. I simply love Church!

2. Every single Sunday God gives me the opportunity to preach His eternal Word. To feel and experience the everlasting message of salvation come out, through the Holy Spirit, of my mouth, mind and heart excites me deeply. Today, I got so see people respond to the message of Christ. It never gets old.

3. Josue, my almost 10 year old boy, is becoming a ferocious and passionate lover of prayer and meditation. His prayers constantly impress my heart, challenge my spirit and uplift my desire to grow with him in the image of Christ. Josue loves Jesus, that I know.

4. Areli has begun her Master of Education through Wayland Baptist University. I love this woman. I can't wait to walk with her through this new pilgrimage and amazing journey. Many of you will never understand what it means for two Mexican-Nationals, non-native English speakers (Areli & I) to have the privilege to study with some of the finniest academicians in our generation. Thank you, Jesus!

5. Today, in our yearly Bible reading, I started Deuteronomy. I have a feeling this book is going to mess me up, again! I love leadership, I love Moses ability to set the foundation for what it will become a world power in its time. God's drive for His people simply overwhelms me. I'm love with the Scriptures.

6. Now, time to watch Sunday movie with my lady :-)


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