What an amazing day. It really makes a difference when our worship belongs to the God who is alive. What a privilege it is to simply join Christ on what He is already doing in our time in history. I'm forever grateful to be a follower of Jesus.

Big and exciting things are happening in our crib:

1. Areli & I will celebrate our XV wedding anniversary on Thursday, July 19th. This woman continues to change my life constantly. It is a lot easier to respond to God's call when Areli is your wife. It has been an incredible ride of love, passion and commitment to our Lord Jesus and to each other. I love my wife!

2. Sarai and Rebecca just came back from Wild Week Youth Camp. As expected, Jesus showed up, His Spirit did the work and now is time to continue joining Christ at ages 14 and 12. Both of these young ladies are literally my life. I love my girls. They constantly put a smile on my face and I cannot wait to see them become ladies who continue loving God and his mission.

3. I had an opportunity to spend time with Josue over the weekend. I love to see his uniqueness and giftedness. This boy is something else. As a father and as a man, I feel such a responsibility and privilege to raise a young man. I love my father growing up and I know how special it is for a 10 year old to have and to count on his Dad. There's so much potential to be unleashed in the life of this young brother.

4. My personal goal for the undergraduate Wayland program is for 20 students in each campus University Center in Harlingen & Texas A&M Health Science Center in McAllen, Texas At five weeks from the start of our Fall Semester, I am four students short from achieving the 40 students enrollment. Please pray for us and the new challenges ahead. I trust God will continue the work He has started in the lives of our new and current students, as well as in the teaching ministry of our WBU faculty.

5. Today was part 3 of our conversation series in the book of Ephesians. I love Pauline theology, thus I'm learning not to filter every Biblical perspective through his lenses. You are more than welcome to join our conversation Efesios - 1a Parte - Capstone & Efesios - 2a Parte - Freedom



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