Texting from the Sinai: Learning to Relate to God and others - Part 2 - Exclusivity - Exodus 20:1-3

Video Conversation: Texting from the Sinai - Part 2

If prayer (holiness of God) transforms us (adopting His Kingdom & His Will) then the 10 texts from Sinai help us to ______________________
- The Law is an expression of Grace if you see it as ____________ instead of

V. 1 “God spoke” not __________
- plural form of ________...

 V. 2 “who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.”
- The 10 texts do not fix _______________, they reveal God’s character in the context of a relationship, that fixes _________________. (THE GOSPEL).
- God’s grace is the key to see the Law of God (10 texts) as ___________ to our condition not as _______________ to fix our problem.

V. 3 “you shall have no other gods before me.”
- “You” ____________ and ____________ (not individual)

V. 3 “no other gods” - If culture gets confused and ____ with the relevant message of the Scriptures when we _____ it, when we ______ it, or when we ____ it out then the church must ______.
- Relevancy is the result of serving _______ with ________

V. 3 “before me” having another __________
- Marriage is about building a life _________ not simply staying __________


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