Sunday thoughts from your pastor...

What an amazing and incredible day I experienced today. After three sermons, a leadership meeting and many conversations between services, encountering new faces and seeking the face of God in community, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude for the privilege to serve along side amazing people.

1. I'm just in awe that God would allow me to share the Scriptures in our generation. I love to journey with my church through the unchangeable principles of the Word of God. I simply love preaching!

2. Preaching is always easier when it flows from the unity and support of your home. The true heroes in church life for every preacher and each pastor are his wife and children. I'm in vocational ministry because God has called me and my family has empowered me. I love my beautiful wife, Areli and my three teenagers: Sarai, Rebecca & Josue.

3. I met a former gang leader after one of our three services who is serious on serving Christ. Immediately joined our Wayland-leadership evening meeting. He is hungry to learn and to embrace the whole counsel of God through life-on-life discipleship as well as to journey with others for the sake of others.

4. I am eternally impacted and transformed by the message of Jesus through Matthew 24 & 25. The November conversation series, "Building a Life of Stewardship," ignited the urgency in me to live out my pastoral call and ministry through His local church. Hello, Pastoral ministry!

5. I'm eager to preach our Christmas Conversation Series: "The Arrival of the King: A Journey through the book of Micah".

6. Multiple families from our church engaged on two major fund raisers this weekend with the purpose to support the victims in the Philippines and a local family who faces some serious medical needs. Nothing like seeing the Gospel in action.

7. I am looking forward to take some days off during our Thanksgiving break. I really need to unplug for a few days and disconnect from the busyness of work and multiple responsibilities. I'm ready to spend time with Areli and the kids.

8. I deeply love my church.

your pastor,



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