Lasts Sunday night thoughts of 2013

Random thoughts, experiences and ideas after an amazing year...

1. What a privileged it has been to communicate the message of the Scriptures throughout 2013. I'm honored to contribute to the expansion of the fame of Christ on a weekly basis. I have been privileged to have First Baptist Church Pharr as my home church. I love to do life with my tribe.

2. Wayland Baptist University has made me a much better preacher because it has helped me to grow as a leader, as a man and as a follower of Christ. I will miss my Wayland family and community. I love higher education because I love the people involve in Christian education.

3. Parenting gets more exciting as years go by. Celebrating Sarai's Quinceanera last June was one of the greatest privileges a father could ever asked for. I cannot wait to speak into the life of my beautiful middle-child, Rebecca at her 2015 Quinceanera. I deeply love my girls.

4. Areli has taught me that in marriage we must love the journey as much as the destination. She has made marriage an enjoyable experience by allowing me to build a life besides her. I can easily see the two of us getting old together. I love marriage!

5. I'm ready for church planting, again. My apostolic gift is kicking in all cylinders. I love to see church planting churches. I enjoyed so much my trip to Armenia and my conversations with local pastors, seminary professors and amazing community leaders. I'm so eager to make two new overseas trips in 2014.

6. I can sense the need to go back to school very soon. 2013 unleashed a new perspective of theological education and a new passion for life-on-life discipleship. PhD work in 2014 :)

7. Although challenging at times, I have enjoyed going from 1 worship service to 2 worship services and now preaching 3 times, back to back on a weekly basis. I'm looking forward to see our church breakthrough new challenges and growth barriers in the year 2014. The best is literally yet to come.



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