Sunday thoughts from your pastor...

A few thoughts after a long and productive Sunday:

1. As a preacher and communicator, Christmas is one of the most exciting seasons in the year to convey the message of the Gospel. I enjoyed so very much the opportunity to launch our first conversation series today from the book of Micah: Pursuing the King. Praying tonight for our community of believers as we encountered 3 challenging chapters from this VIII century Old Testament prophet.

2. I love to see my first-born, Sarai, teach piano lessons. I enjoy her drive and determination to accomplish goals and to pursue tangible and reachable challenges. I admire her passion and dedication to help others and to serve as many people as possible. Sarai is a very special young lady.

3. I counted as a privileged to share the Scriptures but particularly when I have the opportunity to speak to church leaders. I am drawn to learners, I am willing to invest my life with those who hunger the Bible and who are passionately to grow in their journey with Christ. I simply love leadership. I am able to meet, on a weekly basis, with leaders from 10 different churches across the Rio Grande Valley and do life-on-life discipleship through our Wayland Certificate of Ministry program. Please, pray for safe travels as professors and students travel across our border cities spreading the Gospel.

4. Please, keep me in your prayers. In the past, I've battled some health issues that can potentially complicate life, family and ministry. Pray for wisdom as I make responsible decisions with life, time, work load and commitments. Please, pray for my family as well.

5. Truly enjoyed our time away from the Rio Grande Valley during our Thanksgiving break. I love to travel, I enjoy spending time with Areli and the kids away from the multiple responsibilities at home, work and church. I'm always excited to spend time with friends, family and folks I haven't seen in many years. We had a great thanksgiving.

Praying with you tonight,



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