Sunday thoughts from your pastor...

Although it has been a very long day, as I sit on my couch while everyone (including my dog) have fallen asleep; I simply can't stop thinking about the beautiful Sunday I just experienced:

1. My passion and deep desire to preach continues to grow. Thus I really love to preach, I'm in love with the message I get to communicate three times every weekend. After three encounters with the same passage of the Scriptures, I literally end up, every Sunday, destroyed, devastated, totally disturbed and completely convicted with the Word of God. What a message, what a privilege, what a God.

2. We had really good attendance in all three services today. I had an opportunity to meet two people, after the last service share their personal experience of salvation that took place today. Hell is literally less populated after today's worship experience.

3. I have to give a huge shout out to our worship teams. When it comes to worship, music and creativity, we are such a blessed community of believers with such diversity and giftedness among musicians and worship pastors in our church.

4. Sarai, Rebecca and Josue continue to grow on their passion for the church. I love to see them loving the church. All three have a sincere desire to serve, to connect and to core for others. Areli has done an incredible job guiding them, by example, to love Jesus and His church.

5. I'm excited about the new week ahead. I will spend sometime with church leaders in multiple occasions throughout the week, for which I counted as privilege. I love to learn and to witness what God is doing across multiple locations in the Valley.

6. The new conversation series: Pursuing the King is making an eternal impact in my life. The prophet Micah constantly challenges me as a man, husband, father and pastor. I'm totally impressed with his seal for the covenant God. I'm so convicted on the need to persevere in such a task, season and generation today. I am call to serve the local church through pastoral ministry. The best is yet to come!

7. I love God, I love Areli, I love my kids and I love the local church...



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