Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There is no way around, after 41 years of living among families, I've concluded that every emotion on the human body is related to the health of our family connections. As a son and as a brother, I still remember the most excited and fun moments in my early years came from being around both of my parents and my two sisters. As a husband of almost 17 years, to the same lady, I still remember some of the most passionate and intense moments in my marriage and adult life besides my beautiful wife, thus the joy of the arrival of my three kids redefined the concept of joy and gratitude in the context of community.

The very fact that Jesus had a family it's a reminder on the priority of community in the life of every person. Most people continue to seek the Lord for the purpose of avoiding Hell and inherit heaven, without realizing that part of our salvation is also from our innate tendency to do life alone. Joseph reminds us that every single victory in life, or failure, were created to experience them in the context of community, surrounded by family.

Today, I'm a blessed man. I have an amazing family. In regards to marriage, I chose well. Our three children are the reflection of our mutual marital choice originated 17 years ago. I'm looking forward to the adult days of Sarai, Rebecca and Josue. Their passion and dedication constantly remind me of their mother and how blessed I am to have her as the major shaper of our home and future.

God loves family and I love the fact that He loves family.



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