January 20, 2014
"...This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me." Exodus 8:1

No better day to reflect on the crucial topic of freedom than MLK day. As a foreigner, I value and appreciate so much every component that articulates and expresses the greatness of our USA. Undeniably, MLK holiday hasn't simply become an iconic representation of what we, as nation, embrace and stand for; but also this major holiday reminds us that freedom is one of the major evidences we were created in the image of God.

Our very souls were created for freedom, our minds cannot conceive the absence or the limitations of such a powerful word. Everything we do, think, feel and express revolves within the context of freedom and a sincere desire to unleash who we really are today.

Ironically, days like today move me towards a deeper desire to belong to the One who created freedom, who is freedom. Even the concept of freedom, the definition and the ability to experience it, I believe goes beyond every single human experience; thus invites us to reflect that freedom is more than a human condition or a civil right. Freedom is the ability to recognize that at the core, we were created to belong, to embrace and to express the One who is freedom.

Freedom is the ability to chose God, to aggressively move towards Christlikeness even when our emotions pull us on a different direction. God selected Israel, as a nation, to be free so they can chose Him. By choosing God, we are able to know who we really are, who He really is and find the purpose of such beautiful relationship between the God who is freedom and those who have chosen to worship as a result of being free.

Tonight, I'm encourage to know the God who set me free to chose Him, the God who constantly allows me to prioritize my decisions in the context of worship and exaltation to Him alone.



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