January 1, 2014 - Genesis 1-3
  • The creative order and description of the book of Genesis expresses the combination of authority and compassion of the God of the Scriptures. I love the fact that He simply said it and it came to passed. He is God and He creates with authority.
  • I'm in awe of the diversity involve in creation, yet it conveys the necessary and perfect unity our world needs to survive. Only God can create with such harmony and rhythm.
  • I was reminded today that dominion only works in the context of submission. Thank you Jesus for modeling this principle with your own life, death and resurrection. He submitted to the Father's will in order to bring glory to God by restoring our relationship lost in Genesis. Thank you, Jesus!
  • I must begin 2014 with a clear perspective of prioritizing life through the lenses of the Bible. Although Sunday is a "work day" for vocational ministers, still it is the day of the Lord, just like everyday of the week. I'm privileged to participate in corporate worship on a weekly basis. I love the Church of Christ.
  • The perfect expression of our unity between the physical and the spiritual is based on the fact that we are not bodies with souls but souls with bodies. We do not have a soul, we are a soul. The only way we can satisfy our soul is by moving from falsehood to truth and affirming that truth isn't simply a proposition but a person, Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Again, our dominion is measured on our ability to be stewards of creation, thus we are call to work, to manage what doesn't belong to us. God, would you please help me make decisions in 2014 as a manager instead of an owner. Guide me to work as someone who will eventually give an account to you.
  • Marriage is God's provision to a basic need humanity completely ignored.
  • If the purpose of parenting is train and equip our kids to leave the house, then the goal of marriage most be oneness. It is oneness that communicates our children "you are not the most important person in the world." I'm convinced that my future sons in-law and daughter in-law will thank me :)
  • Thank you God for giving us mercy when we deserved justice, for allowing us to face consequences of our actions within the context of provision of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.


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