Sunday Night Thoughts...

  • Sunday is the most exciting day on my entire week. I literally love Sunday, I thrive every time I gather with Jesus' tribe. I totally look forward to meet visitors, new faces, brand new families during our gatherings. I'm grateful to belong to the local church.
  • God is giving us divine appointments on a weekly basis. People continue to seek the face of God, to hunger His word, to fall in love with Christ and realize that the Holy Spirit is real, tangible and accessible. #thankyouJesus
  • 2014 represents a new chapter, a new phase an exciting time in my life. My apostolic gift of newness and renewal is totally driving me and leading me into a much needed fulfillment in life, ministry and my desire to know God deeper and closer through obedience and submission.
  • I love challenges, I look forward to question, in a healthy manner, the status quo. Preaching the word of God three times in 4 hours every weekend has become a delight and a heavy responsibility in my heart. I'm exhausted, physically and even mentally, as I type tonight and reflect on what God has done in our midst today. Preaching takes all of me, it requires every single cell from my body, all of my brain is invested as I get before amazing individuals (including my own family) on a weekly basis. I need to rest well tonight.
  • I spoke to 3 people who received Jesus throughout the day today. I met folks who I have never seen before in my life and at church. The Gospel is true, the Bible is real, Jesus is alive and God has visited us mightily today.
  • I haven't been this excited about launching a new conversation series as I'm today on "the Local Church: An Unstoppable Force". The book of Acts is an amazing piece of literature written by one of those guys that I'm eager to meet face-to-face on that final day. I have a feeling this series is going to be epic in the life of our church. I know we will see many, many, many families being transformed by the power of God through this series. Our church will never be the same again after this series.
  • I got a chance to lead worship during our 8:30am Classic Worship Service. I love hymns! 
  • I have an important leadership meeting tomorrow morning. I'm excited to dream, create and shape the future with some amazing people in my tribe. I'm ready to go to work.
  • Pray for me, pray my marriage, pray for my kids. Please, pray for us.


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