Sunday Night thoughts...

1. It has been an emotional roller-coaster all day long, meeting large amounts of people today, many of them for the first time and with many of them simply growing deeper in relationships as we mutually learn to do life together. Have I mentioned how much I love the church because I love people?

2. Sunday is the highlight of my week and the most exciting day in my life. I constantly struggle to go to sleep Saturday night just waiting for Sunday to arrive. I am still amazed of the movement of Jesus still and its aggressive motion after 2000 years. I am astonished to see people respond to the Gospel message week-in and week-out. I can do what I did today for the rest of my life, literally.

3. With three worship services back-to-back and the increment on attendance plus the flow of visitors, it continues to be a struggle to make face-to-face contact with everyone. I'm seeing a gradual growth on our folks to embrace people, to love one another and to serve visitors. I like to see the body of Christ in action.

4. Got to see both of my girls, Sarai Areli & Rebecca Yemima, participate in the annual citrus parade playing their musical instruments on Saturday. I always enjoy celebrating my girls accomplishments, I'm a blessed father of two precious and gorgeous girls.

5. It was quite an experience to go and watch the RGV-Vipers play on Saturday night with my main-main Josue Muniz. I love his Basketball IQ and his ability to dissect many of the key plays during the game. My son continues to improve his basketball knowledge as he definitely gets better on his skills.

6. I got a feeling this is going to be a busy and hectic week. I can sense the many responsibilities coming my way. I got several appointments line up already, multiple meetings to attend and the urgency to utilize time wisely. I'm praying tonight for guidance and direction on my decision making and the proper redemption of time and resources.

7. We are literally one week away from Spring Semester registration with Wayland. Always excited and nervous to see those that the Lord will bring to our RGV program. I love to see people pursue their dreams and calling from the God who loves to create the future.

8. I really enjoyed my time tonight with my small group discussing the book of Ezekiel. You give me a group of learners and folks hungry for the unmovable message of the scriptures and I can show you how bright the future of the local church will be.

9. I will be speaking to a group of church leaders from Harlingen, San Benito and Mercedes tomorrow night. I love leaders.



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