The Blessing...

January 09, 2014
Genesis 27-29

May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples. Genesis 28:3

The beautiful and exciting thing about the blessings of God is that they are never for the recipient of such blessings. True blessings from the Lord are always for the good of others. The actual blessings isn't simply the reception of God's goodness but the opportunity to be His instrument, His vehicle to accomplish His purpose on earth.

The real blessing is to move us from a personal "you" to a plural "you" in the context of gratitude. Salvation can only be experience at a personal level, never at an individual stage. Yet, it is in the context of community where some of the most challenging experiences take place in life. God help us to begin the journey of blessing others among those we love the most.

Ultimately, every blessing must lead us towards obedience and submission. It seems that God's blessings are always given in the context of purpose and direction. Again, it is a lot easier to feel the blessings from God when we stick together for the sake of others.

God's blessings always guide us toward God's ultimate goal, His glory and splendor, to the fulfillment of His agenda and the expansion of His own fame. God's blessings are simply about God.



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