ESPN, Netflix & Heaven

anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord is to be put to death." Exodus 24:16

I'm a huge "movie guy". I simply love movies. I have a deep conviction that heaven must have ESPN & NETFLIX :)

Almost ever Sunday night, I have to at least start watching a movie, after experiencing the longest day of the week (preaching 3 times, teach a verse-by-verse Bible study and meet lots of people), my mind finds true and genuine down-time by watching movies.

Movies express my personal philosophy of life and particularly my view of relationships. Movies present the journey (plot) as important as the destination (climax). They focus on one single character, regardless if the film includes a parade of amazing personalities and talents.

I believe the Bible has the same feeling, component and structure as great movies. The entire collection of 66 books, with such a variety and diversity of literary writings, is founded and built on the holiness of God. Nothing conveys better the love of God for humanity than the holiness of God. Jesus is the incarnation of such love because of His holy life on earth. The H-O-L-Y Spirit enables us not only to be free from sin but also to pursue the holiness of God.

Great things happen when we are invested and consecrated to live in holiness, not sinlessness. Holiness is simply the dominion of the character of God over our own character, the fame of Jesus over our own reputation and the ability become the expression of His name to a world who was created for His Holiness.



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