Sunday Night Thougths...

  • Very few things compare to see my very own 15 year old daughter lead worship on Sunday morning. After 23 years of vocational ministry, I'm used to lead people through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Having my first-born lead me and our entire congregation before the presence of the God of the Bible humbles me and shows me the validity of God's promises. I love worship.
  • Nothing humbles me more than to see men and women, who easily double my age, take notes during my weekly preaching. My heart's desire and my constant personal prayer before the Lord is not simply to arrive to the 80's or 90's but to embrace the Senior adult stage as a life-long learner.
  • I had the opportunity to share the same Gospel message today at three different churches in two different languages to at least four different generations. I'm in awe to see people, from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life, have the same hunger for the Gospel when the uncontainable message of Scriptures is presented. I love to preach!
  • I'm a huge sports fan, thus I love quality players in the name of competition. Although the Winter Olympics concluded tonight, I'm eager to witness the much anticipated World Cup - Brazil 2014 this summer. As a church, we are brining an incarnational approach to soccer, sports and evangelism by engaging the families of our community through our annual Spring Break Soccer Camp. 17 Germans (from Europe) will be leading and empowering young kids throughout the week of March 10 - 15 at First Baptist Church - Pharr Expecting great things from our Great God.
  • No greater evidence of the faithfulness of God than to see the launching of Wayland Baptist University - Rio Grande Valley Spring Semester tomorrow, Monday. Tonight, I'm pleading for the safety, wisdom and protection, before the God of the Bible, for every single student, professor, administration and the entire Wayland family in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • After preaching twice this morning, my family and I had the opportunity to conclude our Sunday morning marathon with the beautiful folks from First Baptist Church in Monte Alto at 11 am. I love to preach but I love the church even more. We had lunch with 4 of the church families after the 11am service. Missouri people know how to cook :)
  • I'm praying tonight for the physical healing of some of our church members. Cancer, depression and terminal health conditions have taken captive some precious families. God is able!
  • In case you missed it, here is the link to last week's conversation
  • I love to preach the Bible in Spanish!


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