Soccer Camp 2014 - 1st Full Day

1. Growing up in Mexico, I had the opportunity to experience soccer not only as a cultural sport but as a family landmark. Great childhood memories come to mind as I travel my adolescence years growing up with my uncles and cousins playing soccer every afternoon until my grandmother would call us home to have dinner.
2. Over 140 kids have registered for our soccer camp 2014, thus praying for the Holy Spirit to impact their lives, their parents and particularly our local church. I'm convinced it is not about working for God but joining what He is already doing in our midst. The Gospel in full motion.
3. I heard the great news that we had a full house tonight at our first worship evening service. Many kids and parents came back after a full day of soccer practice, playing and training. Jesus was celebrated, His fame was expanded and His presence was exalted.
4. It really takes an unselfish church to grow a church. I'm blessed to be a part of my church family. I love my tribe.
5. I had the opportunity and privilege to meet 7 new families today (parents) throughout the morning shift (8:30 am - 11:45am). I also met the city commissioner and two other community leaders. We spoke about having our church partnering with them in an all year round project to serve young families in the Pharr area.
6. I'm extremely excited to see our church stepping out and sacrificially serve, give and reach out. Lots of young people have committed to meet at 7:45am every single day and pray, seek and cry out to the God of the Scriptures. It is a lot easier to dream and create the future when passion, community and selflessness are the common denominator among our millennials.
7. I pray everyday, by name, for all 17 missionary Germans in our church this week. I'm praying tonight for Pastor Victor, one of Germany's church elders who suffered a major stroke last Sunday night in Germany.
8. I met two of our brand new church members serving this morning and sharing with parents on the excitement of being a part of FBC Pharr. The best is literally yet to come.
9. My beautiful wife and three kids are exhausted and really tired after a full day of hard work and multiple responsibilities at our Soccer Camp. I'm so passionate about seeing my family serve the One who put this craze 5 piece tribe together.
10. It has been a thrilled to host Pastor Robert from Germany at home. Areli is been cooking full and great breakfast every morning. We are having "Entomatadas" tomorrow, Wednesday, morning. It's going to be hard to see Pastor Robert leave my house this coming weekend :)
I love people!


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