Soccer Camp 2014 - Day 4

1. I love the end of each of our soccer camp sessions (noon and 4pm), where teams compete against
each other. Nobody takes competition more seriously than children. It is amazing to see the drive, intensity and passion demonstrated in the soccer field every time soccer teams face each other. These are reminders of the uniqueness of the heart of men, created in the image of God, with the purpose to unleash our potential to challenge the status quo and to create the future.

2. After four days of soccer camp, I was reminded that leadership is influence. Our church may not be the must talented in the sport of soccer but it is the most loyal and faithful to each other for the sake of Christ. It takes lots of people to pull out what has taken place the last five days. The size of your team will determine the size of the project, the quality of your team will determine the depth of your project. It has been huge and deep soccer camp 2014.

3. Since I am a husband and a father before I am a pastor, it is a lot easier to exercise my vocational calling when the local church loves my wife and children. I love the church's care for my Areli and protection for Sarai, Rebecca and Josue. I love the idea of seeing my kids coming back to visit, not only our home but also our church after they are long gone from home and potentially from the RGV.

4. The game soccer reminded me today that winning is as important as who you win with. Children and coaches are gradually and rapidly bonding together, building ever lasting relationships as the week continues to progress. I couldn't help it but think that many marry couples make the mistake to fight for their marriage instead of sacrificing for their spouse. Just like free-agency in professional sports, a player can always find a new team or a better deal in their careers. So it is with marriage, we can always find a different or potentially better marriage. Fight for your spouse, not simply for your marriage.

5. Tonight, I'm praying for a clear vision and plan of action to follow up with so many new families, brand new conversions to the Gospel and how to ride the momentum built through voluntarism at our church. God is so good.

6. Pastor Robert and I are having breakfast tomorrow morning with one of my favorite church families at 7am.

7. I'm so very excited about our Germany baseball Summer camp 2014. Our church will mobilize lots of people during the summer as we return our German friends the favor by serving in their country of origin as our church teaches and mentors young folks with the Gospel of Jesus through baseball.



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