Sunday Night thoughts...

  • What an amazing weekend God has allowed me to experience among some of my favorite people on the planet. It is no mystery, this is all about people, relationships, community and sharing life with others. I love people.
  • Although I have always known the strength and character from both of my beautiful sisters, I still mesmerized over the reaction and consecration, not only to the Lord, but also to each other from my younger sister Laura and her husband Frank, as we buried my beautiful nephew Samuel Alejandro Iglesias over this weekend. This young man is a fighter, just like her mamma. I'm privileged, after seeing Laura faced the unconceivable tragedy of burying her sweet Samuel, to know that both of my sisters married great men. I'm grateful for both of my brother-in-laws: Ricky Tompkins and Frank Iglesias. My sisters chose well, thus they both are in very good hands.
  • I'm still in such a preaching mode, even as I type these lines five hours after my last of three sermons today. I have been absorbed by the instruction of Paul to Timothy found in the fourth chapter, verses 11 and 12. (Video coming up later this week). I was born to preach the fame of Jesus Christ and His Gospel message.
  • It was really exciting to hear not only the teaching of one of my former professors and friends, Dr. Brad Williamson, today; but also to see my tribe respond to the challenges of service, participation and must of all, their desire to learn. We had a great conference today, Dr. Williamson, as usual, was a huge blessing to the Kingdom of God.
  • I have an amazing wife who has helped me to raise three wonderful kids. I love my family almost as much as I love my church. I'm so eager to see what the Lord is going to do in the next five years among my beautiful tribe. These four individuals at home inspire me to passionately serve the God of the Scriptures.
  • For now is time to watch my weekly Sunday night movie!


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