Sunday Night Thoughts on a Monday Evening...

  • I haven't been this excited to preach a sermon series in a while as I am with the current study on the Supremacy of Christ in the book of Hebrews. Easter is such a pivotal celebration in the life of our church, reflected by the arrival of beautiful and sunny days across our gorgeous Rio Grande Valley, that the author of Hebrews is helping us to see the exaltation of Jesus. This type of Jewish literature found in the New Testament is truly challenging to read, dissect, interpret and apply. Still the message is as relevant to our generation as it was to the original recipients almost 2000 years ago.
  • I'm a blessed pastor. God truly loves me. He has provided amazing worship leaders, who are worshipers not simply musicians. Seriously, our worship teams are off the hook!!!
  • Our church is riding God's momentum created through our Spring Break 2014 - Soccer Camp by enlisting and responding to our Summer Mission project in Germany (Baseball Camp - July 10 thru 21). There is still room for you to join God's movement in the heart of Europe.
  • Speaking about Soccer Camp at our church this Spring Break, I was extremely excited to witness over 110 volunteers serving, reaching out, investing and coming to together for such a massive project. Any church, with such an army of volunteers, always has a bright future.
  • I hope our 9:45am & 11am Sunday crew don't read my blog this week because I have to confess that out of the three back-to-back services we host at our church; I still enjoy our 8:30am service more than the other two. Why? I still don't know. As soon as I figure it out, I will definitely blog about it.
  • I'm equally attractive to the Scriptures as I am to those who love the Bible. It has been a privilege to spend 1.5 hours every Sunday afternoon with my brothers from First Baptist Church - Monte Alto. We are currently journeying through Israel and the Early Prophets. Wayland has the sharpest and most dedicated students to the God of the Scriptures in deep-South Texas. I love teaching the Scriptures.
  • If you'd like to worship, spend time in corporate prayer, join communion, study the Bible and fellowship in Spanish, then you need to join our Wednesday night gatherings at 6:30pm.
  • Both of my young ladies, Sarai & Becky participated in the All-City Band concert on Saturday night. I love my saxophone and clarinet players.
  • Huge Baptism celebration coming up on Easter Sunday, April 20. Let's proclaim the resurrection of Christ together through the water-grave.


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