A few thoughts over the weekend!

  • No better way to launch into an exciting weekend than to celebrate and have the privilege to marry two of my favorite people on Saturday. It was a great day to be a apart of the foundation of our society, the local church and one of the most clearer expressions of the will of God: Marriage. I have seen this couple not only give their lives to Christ, but to serve Him and on April, 20th (Easter Sunday); it will be my privileged to baptize both of them. Now, this is what I live for.
  • Speaking of Easter Sunday, I cannot wait to join our church in the biggest celebration of our faith, our families and our lives. I love to speak of the God of the empty tomb. I must get my rest on Saturday, April 19. I know is going to be a huge and long day for me and our tribe. We anticipate lots of people who will hear the Gospel of Salvation, great worship (we have really gifted worshippers who lead us every Sunday), baptisms and The Lord Supper. I cannot wait to join the festivities. I love the Church of Jesus.
  • As mentioned before, out of the three Sunday morning worship services, the 8:30am gathering remains my favorite. I still don't have an explanation to my delight to share the Gospel with our early crowd, thus nothing personal against the other two services. For the last three weeks I have witness the painful exodus of our Winter Texans traveling back to their indigenous places. We have prayed and consecrated their traveling and summer time with family and friends. These are really nice folks who we have learned to deeply love. They will be missed in our midst.
  • 2014 represents my 24th year living in the greater USA. I was born and raised in Mexico, lived there until my High School years as the Lord opened the door for my educational journey in America when I was 17 years old. I love my country, I love my people, I love my heritage and where I come from. As I have learned to speak, writing and even think in a foreign and beautiful language (English), it has helped me to appreciate my native tongue, my early up bringing and the introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I was 8 years old. As I type these line, my heart mourns the continuous assaults and violation to our beautiful border cities by organized crime, corruption, greed and evil. My cry before the God of our creation is for His presence, not simply peace, to dominate and overpower such a horrific reality among our families.
  • Have I mentioned to that I have two gorgeous young ladies at home? Sarai and Rebecca are the joy of my life. They both make me a very joyful father. Areli has done an amazing job raising two strong confident young ladies. Josue has become a beautiful young man. I like that dude. We are heading out to see the Vipers (RGV professional basketball team) play their first playoff game tonight at 7pm at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo. Good times :)
  • The book of Hebrews is killing me. It is such a challenging book to read, mediate, being confronted by and particularly to preach and teach. God is utilizing this ancient writings to transform my heart and to value history from a different angle. I love the Scriptures but I am infatuated with the God of the Bible. We are moving on to chapter 3 this Sunday. If you have missed any of our previous conversations, you are more than welcome to check them out here!
  • We are in the middle of our Spring Semester at Wayland Baptist University - Rio Grande Valley exiting and new things are coming our way to the Rio Grande Valley in higher Christian Education.


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