Sunday Night Thoughts...

The uniqueness and DNA of each of our three Sunday gatherings at our community fuels a passion and desire that is translated through a deep conviction to communicate the Word of God by preaching and teaching. Although I have confessed it in the past about my personal preference for the 8:30am service, still Sunday morning was a monolithic and holistic experience of the goodness and mercy of our God and Savior. I counted as a huge privilege the responsibility to present the word of God to a group of people that I am constantly learning to love not for what we will eventually become but for who we are today.

A total of seven people will experience the Water Grave on Easter Sunday as they make their public confession of faith in the One who conquered death and provides eternal life, Jesus of Nazareth. I am ready to celebrate the newness of life among our tribe as I get to baptize brand new followers of the Risen One.

The exciting thing about the commemoration of The Lord Supper on Easter Sunday goes beyond the fact that Jesus gave His very own life for our redemption, at the same time, it truly makes a difference the fact that I get to participate and share the elements of symbolism of our Savior's body and blood with a group of people who truly hungers the righteousness of Christ. Join us for Easter Sunday at 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am

It's hard to believe we are three weeks away from our summer semester registration at Wayland Baptist University - Rio Grande Valley As every semester, we have a special group of students graduating from our program with their BAS at the end of our current Spring Semester. God continues to utilize the ministry of our academic program by rewriting the future of our Rio Grande Valley families.

I just finished sending the email and postcards to our first-time church visitor's for this weekend. Sunday was a busy visitor's day for our church. Although I have a lot of cards on my desk, unfortunately with multiple services it is hard for me to personally welcome everyone, thus I make an extra effort to talk to every family in our community throughout the day.

Doing life in circles with a group of families on Wednesdays has become my favorite day of the week, after Sunday. I'm enjoying their conversations, their friendship and the opportunity to journey through the Bible together. God has blessed me with five new families that I get to do life-on-life discipleship on a weekly basis.

I never dreamed neither imagine how much I was going to enjoy parenting teenagers. Obviously, being married to Areli makes it very easy to love on our kids and to look forward to continue to create our future together. Cooking breakfast for them every morning and actually sitting down at the dinning table around 7:10am every day is literally the highlight of my day. As expected, my teenagers wake up hungry every morning, eager to live, ready to conquer life and to unleash the endless possibilities around them. Their morning conversations, laughs and even fights constantly shape my view, my Spirit and even my preaching. I don't believe I could get up on stage every Sunday morning and introduce the Word of God without sitting down with my family every single day and read the book of Psalms with them as we pray for each other and the needs of others. They are a gift from God.


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