A few thoughts after watching Irreplaceable last night...

Even if you weren't able to attend last night's only presentation of the new Focus on the Family film, Irreplaceable, I will encourage you to look at the following questions that came to my mind as I reflected on such powerful movie production. Get ready to dialogue over such crucial and foundational pillars in the next few weeks around our small groups at #FBCPhar: Marriage, Family, Children, Parenting and Dads.

1. Your thoughts on the idea of marrying young? Should our kids wait until they have a career before they think about marriage (even at the expense of sexual promiscuity? How do we explain the fact that we (culture) delay/oppose marriage but applaud same-sex marriage?

2. How do we raise kids today at home in a manner that, as they become adults, want to come home when they don't have too?

3. Why do we oppose abortion and disregard the orphan, the destitute and the poor? Have you ever thought about adopting a child now? Would you please take 30 seconds right now and pray for Nigerian teenage-girls?

4. Did you know that as long as we use the word divorce in our marriage we will never make it? Are we willing to ban the "D" word from our marriage vocabulary forever? Would it be possible that the antidote of divorce is temporary separation (while the couple still cares about each other in marriage) with the purpose to radically work on the relationship? Would you agree that abuse in marriage happens because someone allows it? and if that's the case, would you agree the problem of abuse is in the mirror?

5. How do I tangibly and practically communicate to my kids that they are number 3 in my life, after God (number 1) and my spouse (number 2). If the number one need for every child are parents with a healthy marriage, what does a healthy marriage look like?

6. My Dad is/was...


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