Sunday Night thoughts...

1. I haven't had such an intense Sunday in a very long time. It took every ounce of my soul to carry out the task of conveying the Gospel message three times today, yet the joy and privilege to share the Scriptures with some of my favorite families in the globe cannot be exchanged by absolutely nothing. I love being a pastor.

2. Newness and fresh starts are a spiritual blood-transfusion to my soul. What a privilege it was to have baby dedications today during our worship gathering, as we prayed to the God who created families and is for the family. Our tribe is blessed with many young couples, lots of kids and a brand new generation of men and women who are hungry for the presence of Jesus.

3. Mother's day continues to impact our generation, we still embrace it as a value for the sake of love, sacrifice, dedication and passion. I'm a privileged man surrounded throughout 41 years of existence with some of the most wonderful and gifted ladies ever to walk on this planet. My mother prepared me and trained me well for the task of choosing and nurturing the mother of my children. My selection of Areli, as a wife and mother, speaks more of my mother's influence than my physical, emotional and intellectual attraction for her. I love Mother's Day because I love ladies.

4. Hebrews continues to unfold the end of our journey on earth, to give us a final picture of faithfulness to the God who is worthy of our faith. Hebrews presents us with a clearer picture of what Jesus had in mind at the beginning of His ministry on earth. Every single person must read and meditate in the book of Hebrews. I'm eager to preach chapter 5 on Sunday. Sunday Conversations

5. A new week with new challenges and exciting projects are about to be launched at our church for the remaining of the month of May. I'm eager to read our communication cards and first-time visitors forms from today's gatherings. Several people made decisions for Christ this morning. Jesus is up to something. The best is yet to come.

6. Completely eager and truly looking forward to see multiple folks experience the Water-Grave (baptisms) on Sunday, May 25 at 11 am. I'm fully committed to see Hell less populated in the Rio Grande Valley.

6. I love my son, Josué brings such joy to my soul as he continues to gradually and radically become a young man. He's a little crazy at times...but then again...he's my son :)


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