Sunday Thoughts...

To say that Sunday was a roller-coaster of emotions, conversations and experiences would be an understatement. As a pastor, I live in a world of uncertainty and predictability at the same time. Thus making life, ministry and pastoring always exciting. Here are some of the exciting things God allowed me to experience within the last 24 hours...

1. I definitely love my church. #FBCPharr has been a special tribe to me since my arrival to the Rio Grande Valley back in 2004. God has blessed me with some key relationships across our community that I am very privileged to have them today as part of my inter-circle as a Pastor and friend. Areli and I are a blessed couple!

2. The conversation series in the book of Hebrews continues to rock my world, my life and my all. I love the dichotomy of the Scriptures, the both-end of the Hebrew mind verses the either-or of our western civilization. Part 7 heavily convicted me of the reality of the justice and mercy of God. I kissed my kids last night before they closed their eyes and fell asleep as I whispered in their ears how much I love them. Being a father is one of the most tangible evidences of the grace of God.

3. I love to parent teenagers. My kids are so much fun...don't believe me? check it out...

4. Monday morning is "communication cards" reading-time. I have read some of the most encouraging praises through the testimonies of men and women who call #FBCPharr home. At the same time, I prayed and cried out to the God of mercy for the personal prayer requests from some of my favorite souls across my tribe. Praying this morning for those who are mourning the departure of loved ones, battling illness in the hospital and the burden and responsibilities of parenting and grand-parenting.

5. Got a chance to rejoice with multiple salvations that took place throughout the day yesterday during sermon-invitation time. I had a chance to speak to a young man (being 41 today makes me see dudes as "young' men" more and more) who received Christ yesterday and decided to stop living together with his girlfriend. He was supposed to proposed to her during lunch time after church. God is good!

6. Seven people will be following Christ in the ordinance of baptism in three weeks. Always a privilege to journey with my tribe through the water-grave.

7. I'm truly looking forward to our Mother's Day celebration and baby dedication experience. It's the's all about familia :)



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