Some thoughts about Vacation Bible School...

I cannot get over, even after multiple days, the "side effects" from last week's Vacation Bible School among our tribe, #fbcpharr. God loves His church, God loves the city of Pharr and God definitely loves children. It is no accident we got to see the presence of Christ through the lives of more than 60 volunteers who gave and invested of their lives throughout last week by sharing the gospel to the same ages of children who are also coming across our borders from Central & South America.

#fbcpharr is only located 11.5 miles away from the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge. As I blog my thoughts, my heart and my passion, it literally overwhelms me to think, as I look through my office window, the many vehicles passing by which could potentially be transporting some of those precious "unaccompanied" children from foreign lands into our beautiful Rio Grande Valley.

If there's anything we learned throughout the message of VBS for an entire week, it was the dichotomy of the Scriptures who introduces the Sovereigned-All-Powerful God of the Hebrews who allows tragedy, misery and pain without losing control of circumstances and life in order to fulfill His promises. At the same time, the very same omnipotent God invites His people to join Him in the creation of the future that simply affirms the heart of our Heavenly Father.

As we continue to pray and disciple children, parents and families who attended VBS, we are also moving forward to meet the work of God among those who just moved into our beautiful country. The answer still continues to be, as it was in the time of the #WildernessEscape, the Gospel of Redemption through the people of God for the not-yet people of God. None of the VBS kids and "unaccompanied" children from South and Central American are accidents nor the product of destiny nor luck. God and God alone planned them, brought them to the RGV and He will fulfill His purpose in each and everyone of them.

As families, as a church, we are simply privileged to join God on what He is already doing among our community. There is no better time to love Christ, to love His church and to love people.



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