10 reasons to bring someone with you to #fbcpharr tomorrow @ 8:30am, 9:45am or 11am

1. The name and fame of Christ will be exalted as the central point of every single thing happening throughout the day.

2. Jesus rose from the dead...surely most people can get up from their bed.

3. The worship through music only gets better each Sunday...you really want to lift up the fame of Jesus tomorrow at #fbcpharr.

4. The Gospel will change lives and many will re-connect with the God of our creation as well as their families.

5. On labor day weekend, we will honor those who work hard and will chanllenge those who hardly work.

6. You get to chose music style, time preference and language presentation of the Gospel (English Traditional 8:30 am, Espanol 9:45 am & English Contemporary 11 am).

7.  Tomorrow's sermon will be life changing for anyone who belongs to a family.

8. The Family Project series allows us to move from a reactive mode towards family to a proactive mode within family relationships.

9. I am always privileged to dedicate babies and their parents to the Lord. Tomorrow, four beautiful girls will be consecrated to the God of the Bible.

10. I am not singing :)


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