still thinking about Sunday morning...

1. If church people vote with their feet, then yesterday's response, through worship attendance to our new conversation series (The Family Project) was pretty amazing. God allowed me to present a Biblical perspective of the basic need we all have to belong. Deuteronomy 6 was our guide and anchor as I conveyed, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, eternal principles that ultimately will make us or break us in our understanding and experience of family life today.

2. One of the seven Family Project Community Groups took place yesterday. I'm eager to hear feedback from dialoguing and interacting in the context of community as young couples gathered together to learn from each other and the Word of God. Exciting times ahead of us.

3. I am crazy excited to participate at our annual #fbcpharr #grandparentsbreakfast on Sunday, September 7 at 7 am. Some of our current Senior Adults are still looking for a "grand-child" for one day, as we gather, fellowship and enjoy great food. Stay tune!

4. There is no doubt the Senior Adults at #fbcpharr are givers by nature. They lead our annual #schoolsupplydrive across #fbcpharr every August. I'm overwhelmed to see our church's response and our WMU leadership in such effective community outreach. Thank you again, ladies!

5. One of the reasons why our church is growing is the outward focus of our ministries and the selflessness of our tribe. #fbcpharr's College and career Sunday School class will be hosting a "Bake Sale" on Sunday, August 31 during our 3 worship gatherings across our #fbcpharr campus. People will have an opportunity to share the love of God with our Kenya project, as the funding and support collected through the sale will be given to our brothers in Africa. Proud of our #fbcpharr singles.

6.  I love to eat, I love to eat with people and I love to eat with people I learn from through edifying conversations. On Sunday, August 31 at 6 pm, #fbcpharr will join #livingwordchurch (5208 N. Jackson Pharr, Texas) for our 5th Sunday: a great time to see the body of Christ join in worship celebration, fellowship, great food and Scripture based teaching. Looking forward seeing you there.

7. Very few things compare to having young men pray over their pastor. I'm blessed to witness a generation of men searching and seeking the God of mercy every Sunday at #fbcpharr during our three #sundayprayergatherings 7:30 am, 9:00 am & 9:30 am.

8. After a huge Sunday celebration, I am still processing the joy to see my three kids passionately journey through life-on-life discipleship on Sunday nights with a bunch of other middle-schoolers and High Schoolers. I was almost 20 years old when I first walked through Experiencing God, back in 1993 at East Texas Baptist University. Now I get to see my crazy young teenagers learn about God's will and how to join it.

9. I passionately love my middle-child. To see my Becky enter High School today was a pretty big deal for me. I love the fact that she loves her big sister, thus having a great example and a fruitful pathway paved with a great reputation and healthy relationships that Sarai has built for the last two years at Veterans High School. I have a special wife which has produced two special young ladies.



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