Sunday Night thoughts...

1. Today was our second Sunday with three worship services at FBC Pharr. Undeniably, it was a very good Sunday. High expectations, new faces, the freshness of a new season for our church family and huge opportunities to reach out to folks in our community. I'm enjoying everyone of our three services as I counted as privilige the opportunities to speak the Word of God as people keep on showing up to our gatherings. God is definitely good.

2. Our church is implementing three different opportunities to gather throughout Sunday morning to simply pray. These are times where you can find people crying out to the God of the Scriptures for salvation, restoration and worshiping His goodness and faithfulness. You can join any of our three experiences 7:30 am (Sanctuary), 9:00 am (Welcome Center) & 9:30 am room 225. Join us.

3. You will get a chance to either listen or watch online today's conversation on Hebrews 11 tomorrow. I personally enjoyed disecting the Biblical concept of "Faith" through the lives of many Old Testament people listed through the chapter. Next Sunday will be our last conversation on the Supremacy of Christ. Life at FBC Pharr will never be the same after 17 weeks in the book of Hebrews.

4. As always, our church staff and leadership do an amazing job preparing and organazing events, particularly, outreach events. Please, make plans to join us with your family on Saturday, August 16 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm for our annual Back to School Bash at FBC Pharr.

5. Got a chance to see our youth in action (including my kids) this afternoon as they continue to journey through "Experiencing God" curriculum during their discipleship experience. Needless to say that the Bible takes a different perspective when it is illustrated with sloppy-joes and a swimming pool. Huge shout out to my man, Fabian Pachecks, my youth pastor and Danny & Diana Smith for hosting our tribe of teenagers at home.

6. One of my mother's cousins went to be with the Lord yesterday. I got a text message from a family member, after she battled, as the strong lady that she has always been, some chronic and terminal illness. What a celebration it is for us as Christians to know that Lila Millan is finally healed. At the end, just as announced in the Bible, we win!

7. As I type these lines, I'm already consumed by the eagerness to experience this coming week. It's going to be an amazing week. I will head out in the morning to pray for a man in his mid-forties (without Christ) who has asked me to simply ask the Lord for physical healing. What an opportunity to join men and women across our community in their journey towards Christ. I also have a lunch meeting with a local pastor who is eager to share with me what the Lord is doing in his life and ministry. I like pastors on Monday morning a lot!



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