Sunday Night Thoughts...

1. I am a man and I love to be a man. God allows me to do life between my two favorite men in the world: my dad, Simon Muniz and my son, Josue Muniz. I'm totally grateful for both of their birthdays in the month of August. I'm a privilege son with a father who loved me enough to love Christ and his church. I am now enjoying the fruit of my dad's mentorship, dedication and consecration to do life right by now taking on the challenge to raise a wonderful twelve year old young man. I deeply love my son.

2. Anyone who has walked and done life with me knows that I love the Scriptures. I am in love with the God of the Bible. The Word of God has forever changed my life and the more I search this love-letter, the more I realize that it was written for us but it is not about us. Preaching the book of Hebrews for 17 weeks has forever changed me and my perception of the supremacy of Christ. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to share Hebrews with a very special group of people in my life, First Baptist Church, Pharr.

3. God continues to show his mercy by entrusting new souls to the care and ministry of First Baptist in Pharr. I was totally shocked to see how many new faces showed up to all of our three gatherings this weekend. I cannot wait for Monday to follow up and contact families, men and women who are eager to know God personally and make Him known publicly. Two new families asked to join our community through water baptism and church membership after our Sunday worship gatherings. God continuos to be good.

4. Momentum is such an amazing gift from the Lord to any organization. God has definitely created a wave of soul searching and spiritual awakening in the life of our tribe at First Baptist through the 17 weeks in the book Hebrews. As we move towards the Fall season and eagerly await the arrival of many of our families after the summer break and particularly the return of many of our beloved Winter-Texans; it is time now to launch our new conversation series: The Family Project. I am looking forward to spend time with our church as we re-shape and re-descover God's eternal truth on the family, join us!

5. I belong to a very gifted church tribe. A big thank you to all of you who participated at our annual "Back to School Bash" over the weekend. Thank you for reaching out to families, children and for making a difference in the life of our community. I was privileged to pray over children and school teachers as we consecrated to our God the 2014-2015 school year.

6. I love middle-children and I love school teachers...I love Areli. As I share some of my thoughts over such an incredible weekend at church and among family, I see my beautiful bride across our bedroom resting and getting ready to engage a brand-new school year at Agape Christian School. My lady is a gifted teacher, she is even a much better mother to our crazy trio and the only woman I have ever known as a wife. I am simply a blessed brother.

5. Once again, the Lord has provided me, through different families and organizations, the opportunity to take the Gospel to the other side of the world. For the last two years I have had the privilege to partner with International Commission and join what God is doing around the world. I will be heading up to the beautiful Russian country of Belarus. I eagerly ask you to pray for me and our 14 member team as I get to teach a New Testament Survey course to local pastors, church leaders and church planters at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Minsk, capital city of Belarus. I will be doing door-to-door visitation as we share the Gospel and conclude our daily activities by preaching evangelistic messages every night at one of the local churches in Minsk, Belarus. Please, pray for my family as Areli and kids stay at home while I am gone to Europe, departing Thursday, September 25 and coming back home Saturday, October 4.



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