Still Thinking about Sunday...

1. It is always refreshing and inspiring to see young couples approach and request the dedication of their babies. I saw it as a blessing and a privilege to dedicate and consecrate four beautiful little girls yesterday. #girlsrule

2. God continues to grow and develop our community. The best days are literally ahead of us. The Gospel is true and His promises are being fulfilled every weekend as we constantly see people hungry for His presence, His glory and His holiness. I'm blessed to call #firstbaptistchurchpharr my tribe.

3. Although I'm totally proud of our college and career Sunday school class as they raised $854.00 yesterday for our Kenya-Africa project, I am even more impressed to be a part of a generous church. Thank you to #fbcpharr for being the presence of Christ around the world.

4. We received lots of visitors yesterday, people received Christ throughout the day and new relationships were made as new faces were introduced during Sunday school classes and fellowships across our campus during Sunday. I want to thank you for keeping on inviting others to join our Sunday gatherings.

5. We are now at the place where we need missionaries within our church. During the month of September we will ask families from the 11 am worship gathering to help us make room for new families, visitors and the arrival of those whom the Lord is constantly bringing to His church. This is the reason why we host three services on Sunday morning, people now have the opportunity to join the celebration of Christ at 8:30 am and 9:45 am in order to make room for the 11 am visitors.

6. Huge thank you to our brothers from Living Word Free Evangelical Church as they hosted our 5th Sunday celebration yesterday. A total of 5 churches from the community participated, joined for one reason, to exalt the fame of Christ.

7. The Family Project continues to impact our church. Seven new small groups launched last week with over 65 participants across multiple locations and meeting days. I was personally convicted to preach part 2 of our sermon series yesterday. I am looking forward to part 3 this week.

8. I got to see my beautiful Rebecca play her saxophone last Friday during half-time band presentation at Veterans Mission High School football game. I love her dedication and hard work. Becky is a special young lady to me.



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