still thinking about Sunday...

A few thoughts about my Sunday experience at FBC Pharr...

1. It was such a refreshing experience to hear the Gospel through my friend and brother, Joseph Augustine, yesterday. My heart and passion for the nations was re-ignited as Joseph reminded us of the purpose of the unstoppable force that Jesus established 2000 years ago, the local church. Today, I'm definitely taking time to pray for the persecuted church in our world.

2.  What an opportunity to see nine people come to Christ yesterday throughout our three worship gatherings. What a God! what a Gospel! what a privilege to serve, to witness and to experience grace, community and salvation. I love church.

3. Having the opportunity to meet twelve brand new visitors, between services, was an exciting time. Often church hallways become some of the most sacred places where I get to see ministry take place during casual conversations and the fellowship of believers.

4. It was really fascinating to see our Singles and Youth partner together yesterday as they launched a Sunday car wash fundraiser for a Kenyan pastor during our first and second services. I was delighted to see them walk together into our sanctuary during our third and last service after a long morning in our church parking lot. Servanthood and missional minds are contagious.

5. The time has come to actively pursue and cultivate our current partnership with our German tribe in Detmold, Germany. Our first baseball and soccer camps orientation meetings took place Sunday afternoon. As usual, my heart gets truly excited to fellowship with the church of Jesus globally and to see the Gospel penetrate lives in both continents. Join us!

6. With three worship services, in two different languages and three different styles taking place on a weekly basis across our campus, they help us to value every opportunity we have to see the entire church come together with the purpose to worship God and nurture relationships in community.
Please, take advantage of our Thanksgiving dinner, on Wednesday, November 19 at 6:30 pm to see the entire church family and many new faces.

See you then!



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