Sunday thoughts...

1. After three weeks of intense and passionate preaching in the subject of generosity, I'm overwhelmingly captivated by what our God is doing within our tribe. I am privilege to serve a generous God with a bunch of generous people. I love to be a pastor.

2. Music is such a powerful force and Christmas music is simply unstoppable. We have been singing about the birth of Christ for the last two weeks. Amazing!!

3. New Membership Classes are a spiritual blood-transfusion for any church. Ten people have signed up for our Wednesday class at 6:30 pm. Time to fill up the water-grave!

4. It is a lot easier to preach and teach about generosity when you have been married to a giver for 17 years. Areli makes the communication of the Word of God more enjoyable. I'm a blessed husband.

5. Truly appreciate everyone's prayers and concerns about my father-in-law's health and gradual recuperation. God is at work, He's not done and we keep on trusting Him to finish the work.

6. It was challenging to preach the Gospel yesterday without my family being at FBC. At the same time, I was very glad for them to join a different tribe as they worshiped the Lord with family and many friends in Brownsville. I was happy to have them back at home last night.



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