Sunday thoughts on a Monday morning...

1. Being tired is good, especially for men. I love to be a man and I love to feel tired. Sunday is not simply game day for me, it is also, and most importantly, the celebration of the empty tomb. Jesus is alive, what He said about Himself is definitely true. Families responded to the Gospel message as I read people's decisions and prayer requests from Sunday through our communication cards, as I spoke to individuals after each worship service and particularly by opening emails this morning with the newness of salvation and restoration as the driving content. God is definitely good!

2.  Although my three kids hear me preach on a weekly basis, attend Sunday school and the Summit (discipleship school); yet, nobody shepherds Sarai, Rebecca and Josue better than their mamma. Areli makes life, parenting and ministry easier for me. It is easier not only to build a life together with her, but also to dream and create the future as well. I deeply love this woman.

3. Romans...Romans...Romans!!! What a gift it is to the Kingdom, to the church and to the world. I know we've only covered chapter 1, after three Sundays, still...I know our faith community will never be the same after diving through the challenging writings of Paul. Stay put.

4. Doing life together with 21 Germans, starting Friday, by proclaiming the fame of Jesus throughout our community during the week of Soccer Camp will become one of the highlights of ministry and life at First Baptist. As I said before, it is a lot easier to do life, ministry and relationships with people you really like!

5. The Summit, our discipleship school, continues to grow and shape the life of our community. I am privilege to see three churches, from multiple locations,  join our gatherings on Sunday and Wednesday nights. As we conversed last night on The Top Ten Most Fiercely Defended Traditions in Churches we were able to evaluate-who we are and what we do-as men and women who passionately follow Jesus within the context of the Rio Grande Valley.



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